Mornings are such a hectic time of the day for most people, yet it is the most critical time of the day. Your morning rituals (or maybe chaos) set the stage for your day. If you wake up with thoughts of dread, gloom and fatigue, your day will follow the same pattern.  I tell my clients and students, that you must start the day from a place of acceptance, gratitude and peace.

So before you roll your eyes at me, let me explain. Everyone wakes up to many responsibilities: from paying bills, answering to a boss, caring for children,/furbabies, family commitments,  household management AND oh yeah,  trying to find time to exercise while battling exhaustion.  So naturally, waking up each morning involves feelings of being overwhelmed and requires a certain amount of courage.

It’s this courage each of you demonstrate that must be embraced.  It is easy to stay in bed, hide and not face a day- it’s courage to get up and LIVE.  So once your commend your bravery, you will start to feel a sense acceptance of your life and you may even start to realize that all this struggle, these commitments, bills and responsibilities are your blessings.  Imagine no roof over your head, no loved one to call or no job to pay your bills.  Scary- damn scary. Ahhhhhhhh now here comes Gratitude.

Now you are aware of your life and how you live it. You begin to accept it or change it.  You acknowledge all the blessings in your everyday life and then you begin to feel a sense of peace.  A real peace that gives you a new space. A space to feel the sun on your face, a space to sing loudly in your car, space to dream about your next adventure.

In closing, if you get the Sunday night dreads….start your Monday differently. I had the Sunday dreads for YEARS…because I wasn’t living the way I should have been.  If you’re in autopilot your aren’t really living.

Shut off the negative train of thoughts as it keeps you from seeing clearly on what you should do and how you should live.

So when you wake up create an intention for your day. Remember to be grateful and create the space where you can: enjoy moments of joy that emerge throughout your day and cultivate a peace that allows you to sleep at night.  What you think. you become.