In every new year, there’s a wave of enthusiasm, dream weaving and goal setting that washes over us. Listing, cleaning, planning, cooking and joining fitness centres is in full throttle in January.

All of this is wonderful but- more often than not- it is very temporary.  We all start off full of fire and week by week the flames of enthusiasm begin to diminish and somehow in Spring…we need a “new” plan before summer arrives.

Why you ask? WHY?????

The truth is: we don’t need ONE membership to the newest gym, that ONE diet, (that we eventually fall off and self loath), we don’t need that ONE partner in crime to help, we don’t need to find that ONE new religion or spiritual quest and we don’t need that ONE new pot that will cook us the healthy meals we are always hoping to cook.

In fact, my friends we need it ALL.  Very simply, we need to focus on everything on the one all-encompassing goal, we need SELF care based on SELF love.

Self care includes all of it but instead of having one life raft, you load yourselves with as many as you can.  Start looking at your life, start looking at yourself from the inside out.  Self awareness and honest inquiry is a requirement to being healthy & happy…I say it all the time…

“Health and happiness is an inside job”

INVEST in YOU.  Upon meeting my clients and students, I always tell them they need to look at their whole life to attain their health goals, there is no quick fix. Investing your money into: groceries, cooking, yoga, meditation, books, new runners, good health experts and into yourself, ALWAYS guarantees the best return on your investment.

Health is wealth.  Sickness, poor mental health and illness can cost you a lot more than just money!  When we aren’t happy we spend a lot more money on retail therapy, substances to numb ourselves and our emotional well being is premised on how many “likes” your Facebook post received.

We are so good at investing in our children, our pets, our homes, our cars, our careers- why not choose YOU- all of YOU this year?

Much love,