Finally, the slow, painful crawl to spring has ended and we have arrived! I love this time of the year as it inspires me to not only clear the clutter out of my home but to clear out the clutter within me. For the past two weeks I’ve been encouraging my students and clients to reflect on the first quarter of the year and to really have an honest conversation with themselves – are you where you WANT to be?

Spring is a time of starting again, vitality, growth, opportunities, possibilities and change. The splendor of nature provides us a framework on how we can live with change and embrace the freedom it provides. The power of your intentions and thoughts are incredibly powerful so align yourselves accordingly.

Some thoughts to consider:

· How do you feel lately? Content or frazzled? Peaceful or anxious? Happy or down? Do you feel inspired of lost?

· How do you feel physically? Energetic or lethargic? How do you feel in your own skin? Are you getting outside and achieving your wellness goals?

· How are your relationships? Fulfilling or draining? Loving or distant?

· Do you want to change? Are you ready or afraid?

This list can go on and on but keep it simple so you don’t get overwhelmed. Check in with your mind, body and soul and get going!! Make a new “to-do” list, make new plans and goals. As a health coach, I always encourage my clients to write it down and incorporate your wellness goals into your everyday calendar- not on a separate list. Incorporate and “pencil in”: the walk, the yoga class, the chapter of a book, the meditation, the meal prep.

Weed out what doesn’t work and plant what you want.

Happy gardening!