Ok, the sun is finally making its grand entrance and it’s time to shed the layers and let your skin breathe.  To feel the warm sun on your skin is one of the most amazing gifts the seasons of spring and summer give us.  The largest organ in your body is your skin and by its’ very nature it is also the largest area of toxin absorption.  To get great skin, the answer often doesn’t come from your favorite beauty counter but from what you eat and how you detoxify the skin and body.

Although the skin has the largest area for toxin absorption, the skin has the greatest ability to get rid of the toxins.  The best way?? Sweating.  Scientific studies show that sweating can release certain toxins more effectively than through the bowels and urine.

Get your sweat on!! Muscle contractions during exercise elevate the body temperature which elevates the sweat rate, so get outside, dive into sports, go for a jog, a bike ride, hike, power yoga –  Do whatever allows you rinse yourself out! If you are unable to exercise, indulge in a steam room or sauna. Your skin will thank you!  In addition to great skin, sweating can help preserve your beautiful mind by ridding the body of toxic metals and harmful environmental factors.  Sweating rids the body of harmful metals which affects our hormones, memory and susceptibility to chronic disease.

Lose your Sugar Daddy. Avoiding refined and processed foods are one of the most important factors in achieving healthy skin.  Without getting too complicated, when eating processed foods and high-fructose corn syrups, a reaction occurs called glycation causing AGE’s which damage your collagen and the elasticity of your skin.  What you eat affects your skin and causes premature aging.  So, try to steer clear of processed and fast foods.  With warmer skies, comes the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables- dive in and enjoy.  Avoid any heavy dips and dressings, explore with vinegars, oils and herbs.

Brush your Body. Body brushing and exfoliating the skin are also wonderful ways to remove dead skin and allow for more efficient detoxification. Avoid using harsh soaps and scrubs made of chemicals and unnatural scents. Use scrubs made of Epsom or coarse salt coupled with healthy oils such as: coconut, macadamia, rosehip, avocado. Add a few drops of essential oils to make the scrub more aromatic and luxurious.

Go au naturel.  Don’t be afraid to give your skin a break…go completely make up free, even if you decide to stick to the confines of your home. Especially when exercising, try to avoid wearing make up which interferes in the detoxification process and clogs your pores.  Make up, creams and cleansers can really pack in a lot of unnecessary chemicals, so try to use products that are natural and organic.  I often get home and immediately wash my face, so my skin gets the necessary break.

So, dare to bare it all and love the skin you’re in! I have attached a quick read on the best foods for skin.

Here’s to warmer, sunnier skies!

Much love,